Dr . Pravin Shetty is a Certified Invisalign provider in india.

He uses state of the art 3D scanning technology (Impressionless Technique) for manufacturing aligners.

A series of plastic trays are made to fit your teeth comfortably that slowly moves your teeth to the correct place to improve your smile.

Each patient gets series of transparent Aligners which they need to use for 22 hrs and to be changed every 12/14 days.

Aligners are the new way of correcting smile without any one noticing it and with absolute comfort.


    Invisalign  is virtually invisible and hardly anyone notices you are straightening your teeth. So now you can align your teeth and get the smile you always desired without having any social inhibitions.
  • REMOVABLE: You can remove Aligner to eat, drink, brush, floss or for all special SOCIAL occasions.
  • CUSTOMIZED: Your doctor will take precise impressions and customize your aligners for your teeth.
  • COMFORTABLE: No Braces, No poking of wired, no metallic smile. With Aligners, the edges are smooth so they won't irritate your gums or cheeks. Aligners is safe and all the materials are ISO Certified and USFDA approved.

No Emergency appointments with your Orthodontist.

Aligners is ideal for all long distance patients and can visit the orthodontist every 2-3 month.(provided they wear the aligners judiciously).

PREDICTABLE & EFFECTIVE : WithAligners, you can see the treatment outcome gradually and start enjoying a better smile even before completing.

Invisible Braces

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